Dr. Salem Alharithi Law Firm and Legal Consultation started in its branches (Abu Dhabi – Dubai) started to practice its professional activity for more than 20 years through a homogeneous team that was able as statistics to achieve positive results tangible won the acceptance of our clients after we were able with the approval of God to obtain judicial judgments issued by various courts of the country that issued in their favor, due to the professionalism of the employees in the professional secretariat and the presence of legal advisers at a high level of competence qualifies them to deal with various cases and follow up Its procedures are properly and professionally, and the management staff has added further professional excellence through its constant communication with our clients to receive any feedback from them and inform them of the latest decisions at the moment they are issued by the presiding services of the case and the developments that arise so that we can consult with them.

To achieve our goal of delivering our services in its outstanding form, we have sought to create frameworks of cooperation with one of the largest foreign offices with a wide range of international reach, Holman Fenwick Willan, headquartered in Britain and with many branches worldwide in economically active capitals. There is no doubt that this cooperation between us created several successes that constituted a whole concrete guarantees that were in the interest of our clients based on the availability of the international legal expertise that characterized Holman Fenwick Willan and the depth of knowledge of the laws and knowledge of the local regulations and regulations that characterized Dr. Salem Alharithi Law Firm and Legal Consultation, through this cooperation we were able to cover all legal work and a high degree of excellence both locally and internationally.

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