Through the UAE’s website as a strategic and vital navigation point for international trade, the UAE issued a set of legislations with the aim of securing maritime traffic and preserving the rights of ships and tankers.
Our success in this field is due to untiring perseverance of the special maritime department at Salem Al Midfa Advocates and Legal Consultants Office managed by a specialized team of legal advisors who have the expertise and ability to take swift action in resolving maritime attachments, as well as following up the procedures of maritime disputes and with regard to financial claims that are usually carried out after the precautionary attachment of ships or cargo anchored in the port against the person who caused the damage and to oblige him to pay compensation in accordance with the international and local maritime norms and laws.
Our services with regard to maritime law also include following up the procedures for selling and buying ships and registering them with the competent authorities in accordance with the UAE applicable law and in line with international norms and provisions.