Salem Al Midfa Advocates and Legal Consultants provides a full range of services to professionals and employees working for the private sector who are always striving to secure their rights in accordance with the law in force in the country.
The source of our experience we gained in labour disputes goes back to more than twenty years during which we represented major national and foreign companies and individuals, and our services include drafting letters of employment offers, employment agreements and letters of termination of the contractual relationship as well as mediation in resolving labour disputes before referring them to the judiciary and taking legal measures in case of absconding from work and conducting negotiations on behalf of our clients regarding compensation in the event of exposure to injury while performing his work. We also cover all labour cases that individuals resort to for claiming their financial dues or compensations as a result of laborer or employee being injured whilst performing his work according to what is decided in the law of the United Arab Emirates and in accordance with the judicial rulings issued by the UAE courts.